1989. No More Color 

is the third album by band Coroner, It is the release where they started to truly ‘progress’, as the songs are still similar to their older, speedy, European thrash metal but start to feature elements of the avant-garde progressive thrash of their later albums. This album features very proficient instrumentation and incorporation of elements from genres such as jazz fusion, progressive rock and classical music, which would later be an influence on the evolution and maturity of the experimental side of heavy metal, including acts such as Death.

The Technical riffing and production were as good as it would ever be.Tommy is a great guitar player,  Ron Royce is essentially a Warrior really great vocalist.

this masterpiece one of the best albums I’ve ever heard.

             Ron Royce   Tommy T.Baron    Marquis Marky

1989. Uncertain Future

is the debut album by band Forced Entry.

the album sounds pretty good, they deserve more attention, the band had a similar style but much stranger, thrash metal with more progressive, and awesome riffs/solos there.

They had the skills and the precision, the technique and the impact.

             Tony Benjamins     Colin Mattson     Brad Hull

Trey Azagthoth!


Angel Witch

Monster of Metal,  Agents of Steel

1991. The Underworld

is the second album by band Evildead. the album featuring (David Wayne of ex- Metal Church) and (Gene Hoglan from Dark Angel) guest appearances .

Evildead was one of the many casualties of the stranglehold that the RIAA still had over the entire musical world.they managed to sneak in 2 LPs and a solid live album before eventually losing label support, thus opting to change their name to Terror and reverting back to Sci-Fi/Conspiratorial lyrical subjects in line with ”Juan Garcia” Agent Steel days while still trying to maintain this band’s style. 

this is a fairly different album than “Annihilation Of Civilization”. It starts off in a similar fashion with another sample from the “Evil Dead” films.

The Scorpions cover is an excellent reinvention of an already great hard rocker. powerful riffing going on, very good album.

Phil Flores   Dan Flores   Juan Garcia    Karlos Medina   Doug Clawson