2012. The Invocation

is the debut album by band Attic.

this album might sound similar in orientation to old King Diamond but it surly fulfilled its role with greatness. nothing will replace the king and his legacy, but ATTIC has style and they really know how to keep it classic. In short, a well-produced album, great guitars, awesome drumming and a one piece of vocalist that has been having a great teacher to follow.  

    Meister Cagliostro    Rob    Katte    Roman    Chris

2012. Dark Roots of Earth

 is the tenth album by band Testament.   The album artwork was created by Eliran Kantor. 

This album saw a reunion with Gene Hoglan, who played drums on the band’s 1997 album Demonic. During the recording, Hoglan filled in for Paul Bostaph due to his “serious injury”.Chris Adler of Lamb of God provided drum tracks on the iTunes bonus version of “A Day in the Death”. Dark Roots of Earth is also the last Testament album with bassist Greg Christian, who left the band for a second time in January 2014.

”Dark Roots of Earth” was pretty much what thrash metal needed for year 2012.  has not only managed to excel musically but it will also please the fans of both, that prefer, “The Legacy” and also the ones that prefer, “The Ritual”. Both the albums being very different, this one bridges a way in between them and balances it quite perfectly.  It is sheer notorious back to old school roots with original riffs, aggressive vocals, lead guitar frenzies…..great album!! 

Dark Roots of Earth sold over 20,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release, and reached number twelve on the Billboard 200—Testament’s highest U.S. chart position to date.By March 2013, Dark Roots of Earth sold around 60,000 copies in the U.S.

Chuck Billy   Alex Skolnick   Eric Peterson   Greg Christian  Gene Hoglan


Hallows Eve 08 Hallows Eve 

1985. Tales Of Terror



Hallows Eve 07 Metal Merchants

1985. Tales Of Terror


1985. Tales Of Terror

is the first album by the band Hallows Eve.

Hallows Eve was founded on Halloween 1983, The band name is a name for this American holiday.

1985 saw the album Tales of Terror. Ronny played a Apoldt the drums since Tym Helton was approached recently by a truck and was hospitalized. The album quickly played Thrash Metal, but also includes melodies. The production suffered from time and budget constraints. The texts deal with horror and science fiction themes. The album will be well received by the scene, followed by a tour with Slayer, Exodus and Nasty Savage.

it’s a great album, with great speed, energy, & humorous lyrics but the production and the short time nock it down a few notches.

David Stuart     Skullator   Ronny Appoldt  Tommy Stewart      Stacy Andersen