1989. Feel The Pain

is the debut album by band Amulance.

this album really interesting, great guitar work is done by talented musicians.

great power style with speed metal-influenced riffs/solos, excellent vocals,this band need more attention.

Thom Braddish   Bob Luman   Rik Baez   Eric Wedow    Vince Varriale

1989. Dreamweaver (Reflections of Our Yesterdays) 

is the second album by band Sabbat.

Dreamweaver is a concept album based on the 1983 book by psychologist Brian Bates - “The Way of Wyrd: Tales of an Anglo-Saxon Sorcerer”. The album demonstrated singer and lyricist Martin Walkyier’s deep held beliefs in Wyrdism, Anglo-Saxon spirituality, Celtic mysticism and paganism. Musically the album reflected composer Andy Sneap’s predilection at that time for increasingly lengthy and progressively technical thrash metal songs. Shortly before the album was recorded, former Holosade guitarist Simon Jones was recruited into the band as an additional lead and rhythm guitarist.

'Dreamweaver' is the ultimate example that thrash metal can be more ambitious and innovative than more deep.  It has   thrashing madness within a complex structure of layers of wonderful riffs, it has a great lyrics and hypnotic atmosphere, and it's a must have for any thrasher. Amaznig album, one of the best metal albums ever made. 

Martin Walkyier      Andy Sneap      Simon Jones    Frazer Craske    Simon Negus

1989. Blessing in Disguise

 is the third album by band Metal Church,

 This was the first album not to feature the vocals of David Wayne, due to his departure to form the band Reverend. This release featured new vocalist Mike Howe (ex-Heretic) and guitarist John Marshall, who took over Kurdt Vanderhoof’s position. Kurdt Vanderhoof had produced Heretic’s final album Breaking Point previously. It seems that is how Mike Howe came to the attention of Metal Church. Ironically, David Wayne’s new project was made up of the remaining members of Heretic.

Before John Marshall joining the band, he was the guitar tech for Metallica’s lead guitarist Kirk Hammett.[ Marshall also became the fill-in rhythm guitarist for James Hetfield in 1986 (while still performing his duties as guitar tech) while Hetfield’s wrist was broken due to a skateboarding accident.

well, the debut album was great, the follow-up threw in some more variety and things got better, and they succeeded in making this one even better with some extremely original riffs and overall very well-written songs.

also Kirk Arrington great drummer!!!

really great power-thrash metal album with with some really amazing guitar work, This album’s a classic whichever way you look at it.

Mike Howe   John Marshall    Craig Wells    Duke Erickson    Kirk Arrington 


Dissection 02 Night’s Blood

1995. Storm Of  The Light’s Bane


Dissection 04 Where Dead Angels Lie

1995. Storm Of  The Light’s Bane


1995. Storm Of  The Light’s Bane

is the second album by band Dissection, shows a clear progression from their first effort, The Somberlain. While continuing in the same vein, Dissection have expanded on Somberlain’s melodic black metal, and the resulting collection of songs shows a marked improvement in composition and songwriting. 

Dissection further refines their brand of icy black/death metal with impressive and frightening results. The guitar tone is icy cold and greatly enhances the atmosphere. The drumming is also outstanding, very fast with a lot of variety and quite audible. Nödtveidt’s vocals are exceptional as well.

Everything about that songs is perfect. 

is Dissection’s best effort, and a masterpiece that anyone can appreciate and enjoy, If you don’t like this album, then you probably don’t like music.

   Jon Nödtveidt      Johan Norman     Peter Palmdahl   Ole Öhman 


Dissection  01 Black Horizons

1993. The Somberlain



Dissection 02 The Somberlain

1993. The Somberlain 

great song!!!


1993. The Somberlain 

is the debut album by Dissection, the album highly influential release for both black metal and melodic death metal. The band dedicated the album to Euronymous, who was murdered the same year.

"The Somberlain" is cold and mournful, while also having its faster moments. The title track is another Dissection classic, and is just as epic as the first. This is music that is best suited for the night. To be even more specific, it belongs to the cold nights of Winter. 

This is the only album that features the band’s original lineup. The cover art was done by Kristian Wahlin.

Jon Nodtveidt     John Zwetsloot      Ole Öhman    Peter Palmdahl