1993. Heart Work

is the fourth album by band Carcass, album was recorded at Parr Street Studios, Liverpool between 18 May – 21 June 1993.

if you were a fan of extreme metal then you may have been more than a little confused by the latest Carcass release, entitled Heartwork. The Liverpudlian band had previously innovated grindcore and goregrind, before shifting to a more straightforward sound for their third album. However, they completely abandoned both of these styles and started treading into more uncharted waters, this time fusing the NWOBHM guitar harmonies with the crushing brutality found in death metal. The result was Heartwork, a collection of ten songs clocking in at just under forty two minutes and is often considered Carcass’ best, as well as one of the finest albums of the Melodic Death Metal genre that it nearly single-handedly created. The guilty party responsible for Heartwork was the guitar duo of Bill Steer and Michael Amott, who wrote this incredible collection of songs. On drums is Ken Owen and Jeff Walker completes the band by providing vocals and playing the bass guitar.

The sculpture depicted in the cover art, “Life Support 1993”, was designed by H.R. Giger, and is in fact an update of a sculpture he created in the late 1960s. The video for the song “Heartwork” features a real-life interpretation of the sculpture, including a human welded as a part of it. 

Michael Amott left the band after the recording of the album before founding Spiritual Beggars, and was temporarily replaced by Mike Hickey. 

         Jeff Walker    Bill Steer    Michael Amott     Ken Owen 

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