1992. Imperial Doom

 is the debut album by  band Monstrosity. The album sold 40,000 copies worldwide and received excellent ratings in the press. A triumphant European tour was accomplished, but a little later, following disagreements regarding royalties, Monstrosity left Nuclear Blast.

in the death metal scene of the early 1990s. Vocalist George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher and drummer Lee Harrison were the founders of Monstrosity. Harrison had just left the band Malevolent Creation and George Fisher gave up a band in his hometown of Maryland and came to Florida in 1991. Jon Rubin who had played guitar in Malevolent Creation also joined to form Monstrosity. Mark Van Erp played bass in the band Cynic and he left Cynic to join Monstrosity. The four members of Monstrosity signed with Nuclear Blast (Germany). Jason Goble who was a member of Cynic helped Monstrosity record Imperial Doom when they entered the recording studio. He was never a member of Monstrosity. 

artwork by Dan Seagrave  

George Fisher      Jason Gobel     Jon Rubin     Mark Van Erp    Lee Harrison 

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